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An annual Nevada-wide book club is all about nature this year

Nature has a way of putting my brokenness into perspective. In the last half dozen years, I’ve contended with lymphoma and an anxiety disorder. I’ve had nausea, extreme pain, and unsettling, ruminating thoughts. In these struggles, I often need the restoration that I can only find in the mountains. So, I turn to Tahoe. When I sit on the gravelly sand, looking at the immaculate blue water and enormous pines, a sense of calm and acceptance always washes over me. This magical spot gives me the fuel

Literature of the landscape

Since 2002, Nevada Humanities has partnered with the City of Las Vegas to host the Las Vegas Book Festival. Traditionally, it has been a gathering of authors and bibliophiles meeting for poetry readings, book signings, panel discussions and in-person connecting. This year, of course, things are different. The festival has gone virtual for its 18th season, and for 2020 it’s called Virtual Book Week.

We talked to two Northern Nevada participants about what they’re contributing to the festival thi

RN&R • Arts&Culture • Art of the State • Life lessons • Mar 7, 2019

Blaire Zika’s poetry and paintings have served as an outlet to process a lot. But, she said, there were some painful threads woven so deeply into her life she felt like she was on a shame merry-go-round, asking herself, “How am in this same spot again?”

She’s definitely not in that spot today.

Zika began drilling down to find the internal triggers that led to her emotional funks, and a healing journey began. She took up meditation and began doing yoga. Through a lot of “soul work,” she said, s

RN&R • Arts&Culture • Arts & Culture • Full STEAM ahead • Feb 14, 2019

On a drizzly gray Saturday in early February, hundreds of educators from across the state braved the weather to attend a day-long STEAM conference at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno. More than 250 teachers, librarians and educators from 15 of the state’s 18 school districts funneled through the entrance of NMA. Two Tesla cars flanked the entrance, their DeLorean-like doors spread high and bird-like, beckoning visitors to check them out and foreshadowing that something exciting was afoot.